The analyst spoke about the latest political fiasco USA

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Double standards of US foreign policy, manifested in different attitude to Russia, Iran and Syria on the one hand, and Saudi Arabia on the other, led to another failure on the international stage, writes specialist on geopolitics, Alexander del Val for publication

According to him, the US has introduced new sanctions against Russia, Syria, and restore the old against Iran, but at the same time, did not react to the atrocities that Saudi Arabia like Yemen.

However, even evidence of the involvement of Saudi Arabia to the September 11 attacks have not broken relations between the two countries. However, according to the United States, in a similar situation is not the way things are in Ukraine, where Russia is to blame. In addition, very different, and in the case of Syria, where the United States lay the blame for the death toll in the government forces of Bashar al-Assad, forgetting that the majority of Syrians killed at the hands of jihadists, experts say.

No sanctions against Saudi Arabia, the US imposed and in the case of the murdered intelligence services of Saudi journalist Jamal Casucci. «Only double standards can be explained by the indulgence of the West towards Saudi «allies», States Alexander Del Val.

Apart in this question is the war and humanitarian disaster in Yemen, which is directly responsible Saudi Arabia. According to official data, in 2015 the fault in the Saudi military has killed more than 4 thousand people, but because of an embargo by Saudi Arabia in Yemen has killed 50 thousand children and on the brink of starvation is 8.4 million people.

And Saudi coalition shot indiscriminately, including medical infrastructure, educational, cultural and religious institutions. This is contrary to the humanitarian principles of war, repeatedly accused the Syrian authorities, adds the analyst. But the United States also turn a blind eye, not forgetting to call on Russia and Syria is not bombing the rebels in Idlib, in order to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe.

Although after the story of the murder of journalist Casucci people in the West began to demand that Saudi Arabia stop the bombing of Yemen, it does not become in any sanctions against the country, unlike Russia, Iran and Syria, and does not impress the Saudi authorities.

In the result, Saudi Arabia continues to support terrorist groups, Iran has strengthened its position in the middle East, and the United States suffered another political fiasco, sums up Alexander del Val.

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