The foreign Ministry commented on the detention of journalist Malkevich in the United States

© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova in photobacteria of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Archival photoThe foreign Ministry commented on the detention of journalist Malkevich in the United States© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova the image Bank

The arrest in the Washington airport of the journalist Alexander Malkevich a matter of grave concern, and his hours-long interrogation by the FBI regarding journalistic activity – evidence of a campaign of U.S. pressure on the Russian press, said Sunday the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation.

«Detention at Metropolitan airport on 9 November the first Deputy Chairman of the Commission of the Public chamber of Russia on development of information community, media and mass communications Alexander Malkevich a matter of grave concern. The hours-long interrogation by FBI agents about his journalistic activities, is further evidence of the campaign of pressure by the us authorities not only in the Russian press, but on any independent opinion about the USA», — is spoken in the comment of Department of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry.

«From the same series brought to our reporter, in a forceful way — almost at gunpoint — the requirement of registration of the information Agency «USA Really», which he leads as a foreign agent. As in the story channel «RT», the official Washington tries to prevent the bringing objective information about events in the world and the USA to the General American public,» — said in Russian depodesta.

Judging by the raised Malkevich at detention issues about «Russian influence» on elections in the United States that the Americans are trying to justify the internal problems of their country, the incident also show the desire to create a pretext for new sanctions against Russia, said the Minister.

«Despite the fact that interference in the internal Affairs of other States – corporate identity is Washington,» stated the Russian foreign Ministry.

The Russian foreign Ministry added that recommended the US government to think in light of what they expose their democracy persecution of Russian journalists, and demanded an end to such practices. «We also hope that Washington is aware that no further loosening of relations between our countries in favor of the us domestic political situation,» the statement reads.