The lawyer told about the morale Tsepovyaz

© RIA Novosti / Tatiana to Kuznetsovite in photobackpack Tsepovyaz in the course of hearing of the gang Sapkowski in the Krasnodar regional court. Archival photoThe lawyer told about the morale Tsepovyaz© RIA Novosti / Tatiana to Kuznetsovite the image Bank

Lawyer Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz, who is serving a sentence in a penal colony in the Amur region in the case of mass murder in the village Kushchevskaya, Roman Bokov told RIA Novosti that his client is in a depressed mental state.

Earlier, several media outlets published photos that Tsepovyaz posing in prison garb with a mobile phone in his hand, and on the table he — crabs, barbecue and red caviar. After that, the colony check left the Prosecutor’s office. In the IC of Russia said that in respect of employees of a colony have opened a criminal case on abuse of power. In UFSIN across the Amur region reported that Tsepovyaz was placed in a punishment cell for violation of the order of the day. Later the lawyer of the convict explained that his client was placed in a punishment cell after he failed to appear for Breakfast.

«Today should translate it (from the cooler) to a normal cell, three days end today, about it (about the translation) I’ll know tomorrow, tomorrow I will go to him. When I was with him in the punishment cell, he had a painful condition, mentally depressed in connection with these events and a certain moral pressure» — said the Sides on Sunday.

The leader of the «Kushchevskaya» OPG Sergey Tsapok and members of his gang were convicted for the murder of 12 people in stanitsa Kushchevskaya in the fall of 2010. This crime is considered to be one of the most notorious in the modern history of Russia. Tsepovyaz Krasnodar regional court sentenced to 20 years imprisonment, and later the Supreme court reduced his sentence by two months. Himself Tsapok was sentenced to life in prison, but died from illness on the night of July 7, 2014 in jail, where they await consideration of the complaint to the verdict.