Violations on elections in the Republic of Khakassia did not affect the results, I think in the OP

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krauledat in photobacteria in support of the candidate from the Communist party for the presidency of the Republic of Khakassia Valentina Konovalova. Archival photoViolations on elections in the Republic of Khakassia did not affect the results, I think in the OP© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevima the image Bank

Violations in the second round on elections of the head of Khakassia has not significantly influenced the choice of the citizens, told reporters the representative of the Russian Public chamber Maxim Grigoriev.

In Khakassia on Sunday ended with the vote at the election of the President. In the second round participated only one candidate — Valentin Konovalov from the Communist party. According to the CEC, after processing 80,93% of protocols for Konovalova given 85 thousand 995 votes (of 57.76%), against 61 thousand 180 votes (of 41.09%). Voter turnout as of 19: 30 local time (half an hour before the polls closed) was 43.3%. In the first round on 9 September none of the candidates, including then acting Governor of Khakassia Victor Zimin, are unable to recruit the necessary number of votes.

«It is a matter for the election Commission. There is a large number of applications of citizens, including for violations…. In my opinion, the series and number of gross violations that we saw on the part of the candidate did not influence significantly the choices of voters,» — said Grigoriev.

He noted that information on violations are quite a few, including the information that some of the violations were committed by state Duma deputies, arrived in the region.

«One of these deputies interfered with the election Commission. He tried to remove the EC members with a deliberative vote from other parties from the polling station,» — said Grigoriev.

Previously representing the Communist party state Duma Deputy Yuri Afonin told journalists that observers from party have not found the election of serious violations.