In LNR told about the impact on Kiev of the election in the republics of Donbass

CC0 / Artem_Apukhtin / Kiev. Archival photoIn LNR told about the impact on Kiev of the election in the republics of DonbassCC0 / Artem_Apukhtin /

Kiev will be hard to ignore the chosen in the self-proclaimed Luhansk and Donetsk people’s republics authority, it is legitimate, said RIA Novosti the representative of the LC in the political sub-group on Donbass Rodion Miroshnik.

«In the current situation, despite the unrecognized republics, to ignore the legitimate elected government, would be extremely difficult, making very problematic decisions in international organizations about the unilateral use of international forces in the interests of Kiev. As a result of elections in the Republic are elected to power and with her and her representatives to Kiev will have to reckon,» said Miroshnik.

According to him, Kyiv is much more satisfied would be the complete absence in the territories of the attributes of statehood and leaders elected democratically. He stressed that in this case would «simply ignore» as the opinion of republics, and the presence of their representatives.

«Elections, held without major violations and respect for democratic procedures LDNR (LNR and DNR — ed.), breaking the plans of Kiev to deprive subjectivity of the Republic as in the Minsk talks, and in the case of discussing the possibility of the implementation of the UN mission,» — said Miroshnikov.

Election of the Chairman and the members of the DND and LNR held on November 11. According to the CEC republics, victory, win, respectively, acting head of the DNI Dennis Pushilin and his movement «Donetsk Republic» as well as the acting head LNR Leonid beekeeper and his social movement «World region».

Kiev said it will not recognize the elections. However, as stressed by the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, the elections in the DNI and LC do not run counter to the Minsk agreements.