In the Saratov region was the second day of the accident on heating systems

© Fotolia / vlad_imir Radiator. Archival photoIn the Saratov region was the second day of the accident on heating systems© Fotolia / vlad_imir

The second day of the accident on the same section of the heating occurred in the town of Balakovo, Saratov region: vosmiseriyny in the cold with no heating since Sunday have only 25 houses and two social object, according to the administration of Balakovo district.

The damage occurred on Sunday on the main Central heating pipeline with a diameter of 500 millimeters in the area of the house 35 on the street by Clara in Balakovo, in the zone off hit 37 apartment houses, inhabited by about 6.8 thousand people, Sunday night heat back in 12 of 37 houses. In the night of Monday, the accident was eliminated.

«On the morning of 12 November… found a second burst on the pipeline 500 mm. The filling system is suspended, is made by pumping water to the welding work. In the area of the lack of heating there are 25 houses, gimnaziya №2, kindergarten №64 and the post office», — stated in the message.

The administration said that the kindergarten will operate normally, the temperature you plan to support with electric radiators and in high school the lessons will be reduced.

As explained RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the regional Ministry of health Irina Schwarzkopf, in the area of Balakovo, where there are problems with heating, lack of public health facilities.

Currently, Balakovo minus eight degrees.