Power of Absheron district of the Kuban denied the information on withdrawal of state of emergency

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A state of emergency in podtoplentsam due to heavy rains the Apsheron district of the Krasnodar region is not removed, as stated by several local media, he will act, until the payment of all the victims of the flood, told RIA Novosti acting head of the municipality Andrew Klimenko.

Previously in the local media, in particular, publications VKPRESS, Notepad Krasnodar, there were reports about the cancellation of the emergency mode in the Apsheronsky district, the affected due to flooding.

«Until the last payment will not go to the victims, the mode of acting… it’s 90-95 percent paid,» said Klimenko RIA Novosti.

In regional administration also has denied the information on withdrawal of state of emergency.

Heavy rains in the Tuapse and Apsheron regions of Kuban and Sochi on 24 and 25 October led to flooding. Was introduced emergency mode, partially evacuated population. As a result of floods six people died, on these facts, the investigation Committee opened a criminal case. Two men missing, damaged about 2.5 thousand houses, which are home to more than 7 thousand people. Authorities pay compensation to the victims of the flooding.

SUCK of the Russian Federation for the Krasnodar territory opened a criminal case under article negligence in relation to not installed until the officials of Absheron district. The head of the Roman municipality, Herman last week resigned at the recommendation of the Governor of the region Veniamin Kondratiev because of the organization of work during an emergency.