The experts proposed to raise the price of Parking in Central Moscow

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Belousovski paid Parking in Moscow. Archival photoThe experts proposed to raise the price of Parking in Central Moscow© RIA Novosti / Vitaliy Belousov

Experts REU them. Plekhanov invited the authorities of Moscow to relieve Parking in the town centre by increasing the cost to prices in the underground Parking, that is up to 400-500 rubles, told RIA Novosti at the University.

The press service of gku «administrator of the Moscow Parking space» (AMP) informed RIA Novosti that will examine this method for the unloading of city Parking.

«There is a worldwide practice, according to which the price of scarce on-street Parking can not be 2-3 times lower than the capital underground Parking. In Moscow, this value is in the range of 400-500 rubles. In the same range, it is necessary to set the price of Parking in the most sought after streets in the heart of the capital», — told at University. According to experts, changes in the cost of Parking is relevant because of the high loading of streets and roads and the constant growth in the number of vehicles in the capital.

«According to the National Bureau of credit histories, in July-September of this year we issued loans of more than 160 billion rubles, which is a historical record for the last 4 years. Most cars are bought in Moscow and on the eve of New year cars will be purchased more often,» — said in REU them. Plekhanov.

According to estimates of experts of the University, the increase in tariffs for on-street Parking, and a reduction in free period will reduce the load on the city Parking lots by 15-20% and free space for local residents. These measures will also help to reduce the burden on the city’s main thoroughfare and increase the capacity of the streets.

However, the press service of the AMP told RIA Novosti that such measures for the unloading of city Parking will be considered.

«We have received REU research, be sure to study in detail their findings and recommendations. Indeed, recently the download of Parking spaces in the centre increased significantly, and we often get applications from residents with a request to limit the influx of cars, increasing fares and increasing the number of places for residents,» — told RIA Novosti in the press service of the institution on Monday.

As noted in the AMP, before the adoption of the unloading action of the Parking lots it is necessary to analyze all available data, including studies of independent experts to review global experience, to meet motorists and local residents, and only then to develop a plan for further action.