The final voting of the contest «Great names of Russia» will be held from 12 to 30 November

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage in fotosensasi at Domodedovo airport. Archival photoThe final voting of the contest «Great names of Russia» will be held from 12 to 30 November© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage the image Bank

The national competition for the assignment of names of compatriots to the Russian airports «Great names of Russia» has passed the stage of the final vote, which will last from 12 to 30 November, said Monday the Secretary of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation Valery Fadeyev.

«As for what will happen next: now is not the poll, and the vote from 12 to 30 November. Voting will be nationwide… There are several different ways of voting. First, this website valkiainen.of the Russian Federation, through social networks, using telephone hot lines, using questionnaires. The survey will take place by filling out paper forms in the mobile volunteer points at airports and railway stations in the cities of the project or on Board the aircraft,» — said Fadeev reporters at a press conference.

Secretary OP the Russian Federation also added that every participant can choose only one name and only one airport for a vote. And from any city in Russia you can vote for any airport. The voting results will be announced on 5 December.

As reported by VTSIOM Director General Valery Fedorov, often, according to the center, lists the top 3 for each region referred to the Marshal Georgy Zhukov, the scientist Dmitri Mendeleev and the Emperor Peter I.

In the short-list of Moscow Domodedovo airport became Marshal Zhukov, the military leader Mikhail Kutuzov, scientist Mikhail Lomonosov and former Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov. Sheremetyevo airport can call the name of the scientist Mendeleyev, poet Alexander Pushkin, commander Konstantin Rokossovsky or aircraft designer Andrei Tupolev. In the short-list of airport Vnukovo have entered the designer Sergei Korolev, the aircraft designer Tupolev and inventor Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.