Airport Belgorod can give the name of the scientist-engineer, pilot or General

© RIA Novosti / Anastasia Senkaimon Belgorod. Archival photoAirport Belgorod can give the name of the scientist-engineer, pilot or General© RIA Novosti / Anastasia Saenko

The international airport «Belgorod» can assign the name of the deceased in the Great Patriotic war, army General Nikolai Vatutin, the legendary pilot Alexei Maresyev, or a distinguished scientist-engineer Vladimir Shukhov, reported on the website of the organizers of the contest «Great names of Russia».

Russian project of the «Great names of Russia» is intended to select names that complement the official names of more than 40 Russian and international airports of Federal significance with total passenger traffic of more than 170 million people. The contest started on October 11. In the first phase, according to the results of public discussion of Public chamber in each region had created a primary list of names of applicants for the names of the airports. After that, the residents of the participating cities offered their own versions of and held a public opinion poll, the results of which was formed the short list.

Monday started the final vote. Anyone can choose an airport from the list and vote for one name on the principle of «one vote — one airport — one name». The final results will be announced on 5 December 2018.

«Shortlisted names of applicants: Vatutin Nikolai Fedorovich (1901-1944), Maresyev Alexey Petrovich (1916-2001), Shukhov Vladimir Grigoryevich (1853-1939)», — stated in the message.

Soviet military commander, army General, hero of the Soviet Union Vatutin has played a huge role in the liberation of Belgorod region from Nazi invaders. Who lost his legs after an air battle, but returned to the cockpit of the fighter, Maresyev is considered a model of faith and courage written about him widely known book «the Story of a real man.» Born in Belgorod district of the Kursk province Shukhov is one of the outstanding Russian engineers, who during the life of contemporaries as the Russian Edison and the «first engineer of the Russian Empire».

Among other names of candidates were listed Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky, military pilots Surnev Nikolay and Georgiy Chernov, count Boris Sheremetev, «the first red pilot-balloonist» Nicholas Anoshenko, actor Mikhail Schepkin, pilot-cosmonaut Georgy Coast and St. Josaphat.