Andrey Merzlikin: I’m not afraid to say «pop», my best friends are priests

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Russian theater and film actor, film Director Andrey Merzlikin — about her path to God and your faith:

«We cannot be shy about saying who we are, what we believe and what we love. Maybe don’t need to bother with his love, but when the going gets tough, you need to speak clearly, calmly, confidently and directly: I am an Orthodox man.

«Don’t be afraid to cross»

You should not hesitate to cross. I for myself see as the confessional you say. You go and think, well, you’re home crossed, said a prayer and blessed the food. But as soon as got to the set, you around 50-100 people, all sat down to eat, and you have this thought occurs: what to do, how to be in this situation? And when you first hold it with all fingers on his forehead and begin to be baptized — well, that’s a feat Matrosov.

And I think: what’s going on with you? Then second time, third, fourth crossed, and already understand that you get used to it. And then someone of the comrades said: «Andrei, look, it’s great that you did, because, honestly, many who want to do…»

That is, you have to daring to get over these weaknesses, leading, ultimately, to the destruction of our community, which we belong. If we are all together, unified, and Christ in us is alive.

Should be integrated in all spheres of life. To be joyful. We must not forget that our faith is joyful. And when we with boring individuals I bet someone prove the truthfulness of our faith — of course, we lose to anyone. Or that you don’t argue or just be joyful.

Most importantly, when you are not afraid to declare out loud who you really are, that you are Orthodox — appear and the ones that will help you not to drown, will help in any situation, will be there, and if you get something wrong, will hit the nose – easy and sometimes harder…

The power of commandments

I once heard the expression that living the commandments, doing them all, and not so much the maximum that can be achieved is to remain a normal person. I mean, it’s just a characteristic of the «normal» person: you’re not immediately good, just Holy, you’re just a normal person. And any violation – this gap, a step back.

The same thing I understand for myself. What, for example, to love, to respect, to honor their parents – this is normal. It will give you health – physical, mental, spiritual… the same applies to all other commandments the same way.

«Spiritual karate»

Spiritual life, spiritual practice is like a spiritual karate. That is, one must know the techniques. And not in the books here, looked through, and if you already have the skills of karate. No: karate need to do. And in order to engage in spiritual karate, you need to go to the gym. But if you came into the room, and there who should be? Coach. A karate coach is often not a karateka. He could be fat, could be skinny. It might even be a bad karate. But he’s a good coach. And when I realized this for themselves, lost that is the desire – when you come to Church for the neophytes and want to see the living Christ in you the first man of the cloth… You start to think, why did you come here: the word alive, for salvation, would I change…

When I began to travel a lot and in my travels to go to temples, meet with priests, I have in the phone book many things began to start on the letter «o», «father» — and went by name. Father so-and-so, father so-and-so… every city has some kind of father to whom you can go and, first and foremost, to laugh, to hug, to rejoice. And delighted, to find during the conversation, some common ground where it can flicker a sense of humor, a spark, then we can go and on serious things… But first is joy.

I’m not afraid to say the word «pop». I have the best friends, the priests.

From «action» to the senses

Somehow I came to Rostov to venerate the relics of Metropolitan Dimitry of Rostov. It turns out that the author of the «lives of the saints» is the patron Saint of actors, in General, people involved in theatre and cinema. Dimitry of Rostov was the first who wrote a play for the theatre, who staged the theater on the territory of Saint-Yakovlevsky monastery. And he said that if the profession, the work you do helps the transformation of the person, if using the word viewer changes, then this profession may be of God. That is, just need to think what you go on stage, what word you say, what action do where this is going…

We have, thank God, the Russian cinema has always been different from any other. And what in the first place? If we analyze Soviet legacy, which we are so proud of, for me one thing is clear: Soviet cinema always all his moral and semantic database built on the word. We can dismantle the Soviet cinema lines, the quotes, because the whole point was in words, in texts which were uttered by the heroes. Now often the text is not important at all important personnel changes, the rhythm, «action», effects, actions, actions… But my feeling – what I am watching from the side — is qualitatively the foam starts to go. More and more going back to the scenarios in the films meaning associated with basic directions, is text, words and meanings. Meanings in what we say and what we say.

Need to revive their traditions and national manifestations of culture and art.

«All for wedding»

I’ve been baptized since birth. Somehow I decided to ask mom a question: «Mom, when I was baptized»? And she said, «But you were baptized once, when you were born. In order for you to be baptized, I walked away from the Komsomol. I «flooded» due to the fact that I was married». I said, «why are you married»?— «And because mom and dad did».

She was not a man who went to the temple, the believer – no, she was a member of the Komsomol, came from the Vologda region to Moscow, worked at a ball Bearing factory, the machine, in the night shift, it was extremely difficult. Found another kid with the Voronezh region, it is on the neighboring machine worked. Met. It was my future father, Ilya. They were friends and decided to live together. But it said that it is necessary to get married. Why? And because mom’s parents did. And dad’s parents did. And they got engaged and married on the same day. I was born in wedded matrimony.

I do this for a long time didn’t found out just recently, and I ran a «chill» is good. I was happy to tears just. Because it is already understood that is important.

It will soon be 50 years as they are together. I said, «Mom, you know, but thanks just the fact that you got engaged, albeit unconsciously, you have been restructuring, all these downfalls, lack of money, swearing and all the tests you…» They all passed, and I’m happy that now they are together, alive and well. Children and grandchildren, and all there is, by and large, this is all the fruit of one act, I believe.

And whenever I come to visit my mother, said to her: «Mom, it’s because you got married». Here I was given the Honored artist of Russia. I said, «Mom, it’s because you got married! (applause). And the Lord leads us, helps you, and to me, that I fell somewhere…» And thus I once and with his wife was found. The mother of four of our children.»