Bulk will allow travel abroad after the payment of the debt in the case of «Kirovles»

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in fotobelka Bulk. Archival photoBulk will allow travel abroad after the payment of the debt in the case of «Kirovles»© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite the image Bank

The debt of 2,1 million roubles for Alexei Navalny is registered in the case of «Kirovles», after paying all restrictions will be lifted, said on Tuesday the Federal service of bailiffs.

Previously Navalny in the Twitter account said that I could not fly to Strasbourg where the Grand Chamber of the European court of human rights, the decision is made by one of his complaints. Later, he said that the debt «already paid for», but confirmation of this information from the Federal Agency does not have.

According to the Service of bailiffs, enforcement proceedings «initiated at the request of the creditor […] of the Kirov regional state unitary enterprise «Kirovles»».

«In case the debtor assigned court commitments, all imposed bans and restrictions will be abolished in the established order», — stated in the release.

The exact amount of debt — 2 million 164 thousand 618 rubles 63 kopecks. This sum with the Bulk and the other defendants sought Nikulinskiy court of Moscow, the decision was subsequently approved by the Moscow city court. The «Kirovles» demanded to collect from them the full amount of damages of 16 million rubles, but the court satisfied the claim only partially.

The entire amount shall be recoverable jointly and severally, without specifying how exactly the convicted person must pay, therefore, the basis of the Federal bailiff service for the Bulk of listed debt on all 2.1 million rubles.

The case of «Kirovles» was viewed twice: in the first trial of Navalny, who worked at the time of the crime adviser to the Governor on a voluntary basis, received a five-year suspended sentence. Then the conviction was overturned by the Supreme court after the decision of the Strasbourg court, which found violations of the rights of defendants at trial, but did not find political motivation.

According to the results of repeated process again Navalny received five years probation. According to the verdict, Navalny with other defendants organized the conclusion of the agreement for the supply of timber products with the «Kirovles» on obviously unprofitable conditions for the latter, and then ran out of timber to 16.1 million rubles.