Chizhov said that Moscow is ready to discuss the modernization of the INF Treaty

© Photo : Permanent mission of the Russian Federation to the European southeasternly the representative of the Russian Federation to the EU Vladimir Chizhov. Archive photoChizhov said that Moscow is ready to discuss the modernization of the INF Treaty© Photo : Permanent mission of the Russian Federation to the European Union

Russia’s permanent representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov said in an interview with the Financial Times newspaper that Moscow is ready to discuss the modernization of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles (INF Treaty).

Earlier, the President of the United States Donald trump announced that Washington would withdraw from the Treaty on intermediate-range and shorter-range. According to him, America will increase its nuclear capability as long as the others «comes to her senses», then Washington will be ready to stop this process and proceed to arms reduction. He explained that this message is addressed primarily to China and Russia.

According to the newspaper, us officials said that Russia showed no interest to help solve problems after trump announced its withdrawal from the INF Treaty.

Chizhov emphasized that Moscow is ready to talk about the modernization of the agreement or replacing it with a new one.

«Why is the US more concerned than Russia?» — said Chizhov, commenting on the US proposals on the inclusion of China in the INF Treaty because of concern for missile program of China. He noted that Russia has many kilometers of border with China unlike the US.

Meanwhile, the newspaper reports that European diplomatic source said that the American side the last few weeks have been active diplomatic activity in order to decide how to «pressure the Russians» to curb the development of their new missile. He added that the United States will not change its decision to withdraw from the INF Treaty until Russia begins to comply with the provisions of the contract.

In recent years Moscow and Washington have regularly accused each other of violating the INF Treaty. Russia has repeatedly stated that strictly complies with its obligations under the contract. The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov noted that Moscow has very serious questions to the US regarding the performance of the contract by the Americans themselves. In particular, in Moscow indicate that the United States placed on land at a military base in Romania, and in Poland — a facility capable of launching a shock cruise missiles of type «Tomahawk», which is prohibited by the Treaty. The Russian side also drew attention to the fact that the United States develop unmanned fighting vehicles, funding research on creation of cruise missiles, land-based.

According to the agreement signed in 1987 and entered into force on 1 June 1988, the parties assumed the obligation not to test and not to deploy ballistic and cruise land-based missiles of medium (1,000 to 5,500 kilometers) and small (from 500 to 1,000 kilometers) range.

In the framework of its execution by June 1991, the United States destroyed 846 missiles «Pershing-2», «Pershing-1A» and «BGM-109G» (missile Tomahawk ground-launched) missiles. The Soviet side had «sacrificed» much larger number of weapons, utilityroom 1846 missile systems RSD-10 «pioneer», «R-12», «R-14» (medium-range), the OTR-22 «Temp-s» and OTR-23 Oka (short range).