In the Vladimir legislative Assembly opened a new season of school of young lawmakers

© FotoliaВладимир winterIn the Vladimir legislative Assembly opened a new season of school of young lawmakers© Fotolia

. More than 60 high school students from the schools of Vladimir began on Tuesday to School the young lawmaker, the second year operating under the Legislative Assembly of the Vladimir region, the press service of the regional Parliament.

The first lesson, the children listened to an introductory lecture course about the basics of the device of legislative bodies in Russia and in the Vladimir region, said the Deputy Chairman of the legislative Assembly of novel Kavinov.

The course involves 16 theoretical and practical lessons, during which students will learn about the specifics of work of the relevant committees of the Legislative Assembly, will meet with the youth parliamentary structures at the Federal and regional legislative bodies. By the end of the course and a kind of exam will be the protection of its own project, containing the legislative initiative.

«The School come initially motivated students — those who are planning to link their future profession with law, in-depth learning of social science. So they are already well prepared. But we see our task not only to help high school students in career guidance, but also to promote the development of civil society through legal literacy of the population, primarily young people,» resulted in a press-service review Kasinova.

School of young lawmakers opened two years ago at the initiative of the Chairman of Legislative Assembly Vladimir Kiselyov, at the moment, it has already graduated more than 100 students from Vladimir.

«Great interest in the project and in the districts. It was decided on the basis of the legislative Assembly to open training Tutors so that they could organize the process on the ground. The idea was successfully implemented — a number of areas have opened courses «legislative literacy» in the spring, and this autumn has trained more than 80 students and Kovrov Kovrov district, Rainbow and Vyazniki», — said the press service.