Kaspersky Lab may have a claim against the government of the Netherlands on the refusal of the company

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotoreceptori virus. Archival photoKaspersky Lab may have a claim against the government of the Netherlands on the refusal of the company© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

«Kaspersky’s laboratory» considers the submission within two months of a lawsuit against the government of the Netherlands to abandon use of its products in government agencies of the country, Vice-President for relations with state authorities Anton Shingarev.

«I think we will appeal to the court of Holland. Because in the Netherlands there was an extremely strange decision. They publicly have confirmed that they are technically our product has not been considered. In our opinion, to take such serious steps to ban independent of product sales to state agencies were based on theoretical reasoning. Must be some rules, checks if they came, checked and found something, at least it’s some reason,» said Shingarev told reporters.

«We, on the contrary, they wrote and offered to provide source code to explain how it works. They said not yet, and then decided to ban us» — he added.

According to him, filing a complaint could take place within two months. «There are procedural limitations. A year and a half we will not be able to do it,» — said the representative of «Kaspersky Lab».

In may, Reuters, citing a letter from the head of the Ministry of justice of the Netherlands to Parliament said that the government had decided to stop using the antivirus software «Kaspersky Lab» as a precaution. According to the Agency, the Minister of justice and security Ferdinand Grapperhaus said in a letter to Parliament that this decision was taken due to the fact that the government has «cyberpromo, which aims, among others, the Netherlands and its interests.»