Residents of Krivoy Rog burned the tires due to the lack of heating

© Fotolia / vlad_imir Radiator. Archival photoResidents of Krivoy Rog burned the tires due to the lack of heating© Fotolia / vlad_imir

The Ukrainian company «Krivorozhgaz» reported that unknown began siphoning off gas in the boilers of the city of Krivoy Rog, which was previously disconnected for non-payment that «may lead to a technological disaster». Critical situation is in the city of Smela, Cherkassy region, where authorities have declared a state of emergency. It also became known that in Shepetivka in the Khmelnytskyi oblast gas supply from Tuesday may be terminated for existing indebtedness.

Burning tires

Unknown on Monday broke into the building «Krivorozhgaz» with the requirement to renew the heating in the city of Krivoy Rog, which was disconnected for non-payment. The crowd gathered at the building, burned tires and did not allow firefighters to extinguish the fire.

Press Secretary of «Krivorozhgaz» Daria Orlova has informed that unknown persons have broken the seal on five of the six municipal boiler houses and began siphoning off gas, emergency teams on site were not allowed. The company management started negotiations with the broke people.

«Now, negotiations are continuing, there is a constructive and understanding that in this situation to blame the «Naftogaz». The first tangible result of talks is the reopening of emergency services PAO «Krivorozhgaz», — quotes the message of the company to the Agency «Ukrainian news».

A state of emergency

Power of Smila in the Cherkasy region of Ukraine due to the lack of heating was introduced Monday a state of emergency, said city portal

According to the portal, the corresponding decision was taken Smelovskoe the city Council. In the city were not able to turn on the heating because of debts. Local authorities have stated that they intend to negotiate with the «Naftogaz» on cheaper gas supplies (instead of a trader) and to take out a loan to pay off debt.

On the website of the city Council stated that the city is home to more than 68 thousand people.

The local population threatens to block roads if the heating issue is not resolved, said Monday the mayor Alexey TIBCO.

«If the government belongs to us, Solanum, the center of Ukraine, the center of Ukraine has no choice but to stop all traffic artery through the centre of Ukraine… I did everything that it was not, but the community is configured dramatically,» said Tsybko, the TV channel «112 Ukraine».

The situation is extremely complex

Of gas on Tuesday because of the debt can also be disabled Shepetivka in the Khmelnytskyi oblast, the press service of the city Council.

«The situation in Shepetivka extremely complex, and on Tuesday-environment it may become more complicated. It is connected with the fact that the city Council last week received a letter of warning from the «Shepetivkagaz» that on the 13th will be stopped gas supply throughout Shepetivka, which automatically can lead to local emergencies in the city,» — said the mayor of Shepetovka Michael Polodyuk, the treatment which leads the city Council on its website.

According to him, the situation with heat supply in the city «was extremely critical».

Gas does not «Naftogaz»

The Chairman of the Association of Ukrainian cities, Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko urged President Poroshenko and the Cabinet of Ministers to urgently intervene in the situation with the disruption of the heating season in several Ukrainian cities.

«Gas cities where today cold people, does not «Naftogaz». We are in Kiev this lack of gas passed and settled it. But I know how difficult it is… And therefore, I appeal to the President, to the government to immediately intervene in this situation», — said Klitschko in the Council of regional development with the participation of the President and Prime Minister of Ukraine.