SK resumed the investigation of the murder Talkov

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Investigative Committee resumed the investigation of the killing of the singer Igor Talkov, reported on the website of the St. Petersburg Central Board of the UK.

The murder occurred on 6 October 1991.

It is noted that earlier the victim in the criminal case was the mother of talc. Now the consequence has satisfied the petition of the widow of the actor Tatyana Talc on the recognition of its victim, as the mother of the singer died.
After questioning her and lawyer will present materials of the criminal case for review.

How the murder occurred

Igor Talkov was killed with a pistol shot during a concert in St. Petersburg.

According to witnesses, it happened near the dressing room of a singer, just before going on stage, during the scuffle, the guards Talkov his concert Director Valery shlyafmana and Igor Malakhov — another popular in those years, the singer Aziza.

Who else took part in this conflict is unknown. The gun that killed the musician, is still not found. Arrived doctors were unable to save the musician.


In the first tragedy connected with the name of Igor Malakhov. It was declared in the all-Russian wanted list, then voluntarily came to confess. A few months later he was acquitted of all charges of intentional homicide.

Held in January 1992 examination found that the injuries sustained Talc were produced from a distance of 50 centimeters. From a situation which could only be Director musician Valery shlyafman.

In addition, his shirt was discovered gunpowder traces from the shot.

The investigation has collected sufficient evidence on the basis of which 6 may 1992 and 18 March 1993, the decision about attraction as the accused Valery Shlafman in the murder Talkov by negligence.

The investigation also found that in January 1992 Shlyafman left for permanent residence in Israel (with which Russia at that time there was no extradition Treaty). There he remarried and changed her last name.