Structure, to build the Crimean bridge can bring to the work of the port of Taman

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova in fotomemoryday Rotenberg. Archival photoStructure, to build the Crimean bridge can bring to the work of the port of Taman© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova the image Bank

Structure Arkady Rotenberg, completing the construction of Crimean bridge, can then spread to other large-scale infrastructure project in the neighborhood — dry cargo district of port Taman, wrote on Tuesday the newspaper «Kommersant», citing sources in the industry.

According to the newspaper, Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov at the meeting on construction of the port in Taman, on 1 November, proposed to the future concessionaire and investors of terminals to study the question of the use in the project of the capacity of the organizations involved in the construction of Crimean bridge. In the apparatus Akimova confirmed that this issue was discussed, although «about a particular company it would not go.» The Ministry of transport said that an appropriate order to the study was received and is under consideration.

The newspaper’s sources believe that the construction of dry cargo district of port Taman will be involved in the structure of the General contractor of the bridge — LLC «stroygazmontazh» (SGM) Arkady Rotenberg.

One of interlocutors of the edition specified that the configuration can be different, for example, as in the case of the bridge, through the creation of a special «daughter» in SGM like «SGM-Port», which is managing the contract, creates cooperation, including subsidiaries, «Mostotrest» (the company Rothenberg) and other companies operating in the Kerch Strait. The representative of the family of Rotenberg said that «she had no information on the matter,» and declined to comment.

According to sources, at the meeting of November 1, directly discussed the possibility of bringing in Taman it structures the CMB. According to one of the interlocutors present at the event, the top Manager of the company said that the construction of the bridge is nearing completion, alluding to the release of opportunities, and that «they reacted some investors,» noting the prospect of involving the CMB as a contractor.

A preliminary agreement on the participation of bridge builders in construction of objects of Federal property of the port of Taman and private terminals reached last spring at the level of shareholders, says another source. The port project is planned to be implemented fully for private money, so the choice of contractors is solely a question of Economics, he adds. However, says another source, despite plans to accelerate the construction of dry cargo district in Taman final draft yet, but to accurately speak about the participation in the construction, you need to understand its economy and prospects. Private investors, terminal declined to comment.

The head «Infoline-Analytics» Michael Burmistrov agrees that involvement in Taman port companies, built the Crimean bridge, could accelerate the implementation of the project and «to preserve the potential contractors under sanctions». State-owned banks, the expert adds, are also likely to be more active in lending to the concessionaire and investors of terminals in the case of a borrowing agreed with government contractors. According to estimates Burmistrova, the amount of work on the Federal buildings of the port for the CMB may be about 65 billion rubles.

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