The airport of Tomsk was given the name of the aircraft, astronaut or a surgeon

© Photo : provided by the administration of Tomsk Tomsk alastairward. Archive photoThe airport of Tomsk was given the name of the aircraft, astronaut or a surgeon© Photo : courtesy of the Tomsk region administration

The international airport of Tomsk according to the results of the project «Great names of Russia» will receive the name of Nikolay Kamov aircraft designer, twice hero of the USSR Nikolai Rukavishnikov, or a surgeon-innovator, Andrei Savinykh, told reporters member of the Public chamber of Russia, Deputy Chairman of the Public chamber of Tomsk region Vitaly grahas.

«At the Tomsk airport in the top three for the final vote included the aircraft designer, Creator series helicopters «Ka» Nikolay Kamov, twice hero of the Soviet Union Nikolai Rukavishnikov and surgeon Andrei Savinykh. Two names from this list related to aviation and space,» he said.

Grahas noted that all three names of the finalists were in the last stage of the competition with almost the same percentage of votes, having a big gap from the others present in the long list of seven candidates.

Nikolai Kamov is an outstanding designer, Creator of world-famous helicopters, and he also belongs to the term «helicopter». He graduated from the Tomsk technological Institute, and entered the history of the University as the youngest and talented graduate engineer.

Nikolai Rukavishnikov – the first civilian astronaut who made three flights into space, and in April 1979 for the first time in the history of space exploration manually landed the spacecraft in an emergency.

Andrei Savinykh surgeon, doctor of medical Sciences, graduated from the medical faculty of Tomsk state University. He designed a unique tool, widely used in surgical practice in many countries today. Spent a number of unique operations, including the world’s first heart surgery.

Names that in the end the Russians will choose in the course of the project «Great names of Russia», will complement the official names of more than 40 Russian and international airports of Federal significance with total passenger traffic of more than 170 million people. The contest started on October 11. The final results will be announced on 5 December 2018. The project was initiated by the Public chamber of the Russian Federation, the Society of Russian literature, Russian historical society, Russian geographical society and the Russian military historical society.

The final vote to determine the winner of the project, which began on the website Valkiainen.of the Russian Federation, will last until November 30. Anyone can choose an airport from the list and vote for one name. You can vote also in social networks, sending SMS-message to short number or phone hotline.