The victim in road accident with bus near Tver was discharged from the hospital

© Photo : MOE MOE Assistrance on the scene of an accident in the Tver region. October 5, 2018The victim in road accident with bus near Tver was discharged from the hospital© Photo : Russian emergencies Ministry

The doctors were discharged from the hospital the sole survivor of 14 passengers in the van Ford Transit, which is faced by LiAZ in the Tver region, said Tuesday RIA Novosti the representative of the emergency services in the region.

The accident happened in the Kalinin district, Tver region near the village of Nekrasovo in the morning of 5 October. Faced trip bus a LiAZ, EN route from Rzhev, and a Ford Transit minibus traveling from Tver. According to the MOE, the accident killed 13 people — the driver and passengers of the Ford Transit, one more passenger of the minibus and the driver and passenger Lyase was hospitalized.

As initially placed in intensive care 48-year-old bus driver and passenger Ford Transit, a student born in 1999 — was assessed as extremely heavy, but later the doctors managed to stabilize him. Then the passenger of the van were transferred to regional clinical hospital.

«He was operated on and has now been discharged to outpatient follow-up care,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

Earlier, doctors prescribed hospitalized in the neurosurgery passenger Lyase, the woman 1954 year of birth, and the bus driver.