For national projects need clear co-financing, said the President

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Bogodeeva in Photobacterium of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. Archival photoFor national projects need clear co-financing, said the President© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Bogodeeva the image Bank

Successful implementation of the regions national projects identified by the President of the Russian Federation until 2024, is possible with clear targets and financial support in strict compliance with the established rules of co-financing, said the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov.

Plenipotentiary representative of RF President in Volga Federal district Igor Komarov on Wednesday holds a meeting in Kazan in Tatarstan the work on the implementation of the presidential decree on the national goals and strategic objectives development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2024.

«I would like to identify some issues that are not yet fully understood. The level of co-financing approved by the government, to the end not approved. If you take the level of co-financing, to 2019, the ratio was 58% to 42%. Today this figure has changed, the level of co-financing 81% to 19%, but nevertheless the Federal Ministry vary this number from 50% to 81%,» — said Minnikhanov in the meeting.

According to Tatarstan President, it is important to clearly explain what should be the level of co-financing projects the Federal center and the regions to the Federal ministries, with which the regions signed the agreement, was not free of interpretation in this matter. «81% 19% based on this, we are in the budget 2019 projected expenditure already recorded,» he said.

In addition, according to Rustam Minnikhanov, today we need clear targets for each project, which should be linked with financial security.

Two projects, according to the President of Tatarstan, at the moment not fully developed – «Safe and high-quality roads» and «Digital economy», although work between the Federal and regional ministries in this direction. «Safe and quality roads and on the digital economy until final approach. In General, we on the other issues work,» he said.

«We estimate that national projects are strategic task for any region, including Tatarstan. It is very significant that they cover all aspects of life in the regions. We understand the responsibility and the tasks set by the President, will be executed», — said Minnikhanov.

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