Le Pen called on Him to refuse to sign the UN Covenant on migration

© 2018 AFP / Denis Charlet newly elected member of Parliament, marine Le Pen. Archival photoLe Pen called on Him to refuse to sign the UN Covenant on migration© 2018 AFP / Denis Charlet

The leader of right party «National Association» (formerly the national front) marine Le Pen in an interview with RIA Novosti called on the President of France Emmanuel Makron to refuse to sign a Global agreement on the safe, orderly and regular migration, the UN, calling it a «loss of sovereignty of Nations.»

«Obviously, we are talking about an additional withdrawal from the countries of their freedom… This is another loss of sovereignty of Nations,» — said Le Pen.

«I urge the President of Macron to refuse to sign this Pact of Marrakesh that will make us even more powerless in solving the problems of migration», — said the politician.

Europe is experiencing the most serious since the Second world war the migration crisis in the first place, next to armed conflicts and economic problems in the Middle East and North Africa.

A global agreement on the safe, orderly and regular migration must be formally approved at an international conference in Marrakech (Morocco) in December this year. The United States withdrew from the negotiations on the agreement in 2017, the President, Donald trump declared that it is absolutely incompatible with the migration policy of the country. In the future, Austria has withdrawn from the agreement. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Siarto in the summer also stated that the document is contrary to the interests of the Republic in the security sphere.

As stated on the website of the UN global agreement on migration will be the first agreement reached after intergovernmental negotiations, concluded under the auspices of the UN, which will cover all aspects of international migration and will be comprehensive and inclusive.