Living on 3,5 thousand roubles, the Deputy has summed up the results of the experiment

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The Deputy of the Saratov regional Duma from the Communist party Nikolai Bondarenko, who decided within a month to eat three and a half thousand rubles, said on the conclusions reached after three weeks of «Ministerial diet.» It is reported Agency city news «Moscow».

First of all, said Bondarenko, the size of the consumer basket and the subsistence minimum will have to increase significantly. He promised to submitting a proposal to the state Duma and the government.

So, according to Bondarenko, the size of the consumer basket should not be less than 10 thousand, and a living wage — not less than 20 thousand, and in Moscow, these figures should be higher.

He also urged MPs and Ministers to try it at least a month to eat on 3,5 thousand roubles. Bondarenko believes that those who make important for Russians, «need to feel their effects».

Minus five pounds

Nikolay Bondarenko, previously told RIA Novosti that two weeks of «Ministerial diet» has lost four to five pounds.

He added that on the third week purchased in Saratov products and with them went on a business trip. While he managed to stay within the weekly budget of 875 rubles.

According to the doctor-the dietician of clinic of Institute of nutrition of RAMS, doctor of medical Sciences Elena CEDIA, after the experiment, Bondarenko will gain more weight than lose for a month.

Earlier it was reported that the diet of MP contain mainly vegetables — potatoes, carrots, onions, and eggs.

She explained that the diet must be proteins, fats and carbohydrates. And at the Saratov Deputy of only carbohydrates.

On their own initiative

Take the «Ministerial diet» Nikolai Bondarenko decided after a dispute with ex-Minister of employment, labour and migration of Saratov region Natalia Sokolova. The woman claimed that spending on food more than three thousand rubles a month, you can provide yourself a full diet, «meets the minimum physiological needs of man.»

Governor of the Saratov region Valery Radaev after Sokolova on the living wage dismissed her with the words «on own initiative».

Later in the press service of the Governor of the region RIA Novosti reported that following the resignation Sokolova her duties will be fulfilled by the first Deputy Minister Natalia Zhukovskaya. But a source in the government said RIA Novosti that the duties of Minister may be assigned to the Deputy Minister Natalia an Krivitsky.

Published on the website of the regional government of the Declaration should be that in 2016 Sokolov earned 1.75 million rubles. She also has a house area of over 170 square meters with a plot of land in 338 squares and flat area of about 32 square meters.

For 2017, the income of the ex-Minister has increased by almost one — third to 2.3 million rubles.