Miners on the Kamchatka Peninsula changed the wage system after the strike

© RIA Novosti / Vera Kotavehera climb in the cage after the change. Archival photoMiners on the Kamchatka Peninsula changed the wage system after the strike© RIA Novosti / Faith Kostamo

Employees of gold mining companies «Amethyst», where for weeks on strike about a hundred miners, and changed the wage system, increasing salaries, the press service of the regional government, noting that this decision was reached as a result of joint work of the government of Kamchatka with the leadership of JSC «Gold of Kamchatka» under which the enterprise is located.

«If earlier the ratio of salary and bonus amounted to 70/30, now it changed to 80/20. Also employees will be paid compensation for completing pre-shift and polsmeny medical examinations. In addition, the wage will be indexed by 3%», — stated in the message.

Earlier it was reported that an unauthorized action of protest at the company «Amethyst» has begun in the end of October. About 100 people refused to work and demanded that the wage increases. As it was explained in the company «Gold of Kamchatka», the workers receive a fixed salary, and when the plan they are entitled for the award. Last month, the plan was not implemented, in connection with which no prizes were awarded. Later the «Gold of Kamchatka» reported that 45 of the 99 strikers on «Amethyst» returned to work, the rest were dismissed and sent home at the expense of the company.

«The requirements of the team partially satisfied, which gives hope that the conflict situation has come to its logical conclusion. All employees of JSC «Amethyst», which was terminated the employment relationship, taken from the field — Seventeen of the thirty-six laid-off workers offered to return to the enterprise», — quotes the press-service of the Governor of Kamchatskiy Krai Vladimir Ilyukhin.

The authorities also expressed hope that the leaders of most of the workers on the Kamchatka Peninsula will draw the right conclusions from this situation.

«No matter how difficult the situation must be maintained with employees in a constructive dialogue, able to listen and hear people,» – the press service quoted Ilyukhin.