More than ten members of the government of Khakassia has resigned

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Titlewriter official. Archival photoMore than ten members of the government of Khakassia has resigned© RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev

More than ten members of the government of Khakassia has resigned, said in Instagram, the acting head of the Republic Mikhail Razvozhaev.

«Today I said goodbye to the government of the Republic of Khakassia, with those who worked for these five weeks. Those who remain, I wish to work for the good of the Republic. And good luck to those who go», — he wrote.

Razvozhaev has also led the list of those who asked for the resignation. This was the Deputy head of the Republic Irina Smolin and Vladimir Kraft, Minister of economy Tatiana Paul, acting Minister of culture Vyacheslav Incitegov, the Minister of property and land relations Elena Solomon, head of Ministry of transport Oleg Tropin, Minister of social protection Natalia Garmasheva, the Minister of sport Victor Strukov, Minister of construction Valery kälin, head of the Ministry of natural resources Yuri Sokolov, head of the presidential administration of the Republic of Khakassia Valery Denshchikov, his Deputy Tetiana biletska and Deputy Yuri Chicherin.

The eleventh of November, in the Republic of Khakassia was held the second round of elections of the President. Defeated candidate of the Communist party Valentin Konovalov, who received 57.57% of the vote. He was the only candidate for this office, because after the first round of elections, the then head of Khakassia Victor Zimin withdrew his candidacy, and then from participating in the elections refused Alexander Machar from the Party of growth and SR Andrew Filegen.

Konovalov took office on November 15. He previously stated that he intends to engage in the formation of a coalition government on a competitive basis. For this, he planned to hold meetings with all parties represented in the regional Parliament, public institutions, and personally meet with the relevant Ministers. In addition, he intended to study the current officials and to approach each individually.