Norway has accused Russia of failure of GPS during a NATO exercise

© Photo : Belgian team of combat camera / Corporal-chef Sedeyn RitchieТанк Leopard 2 forces the river during the joint exercises of NATO forces Trident Juncture 2018 (Unified Trident) in Norway. Archive photoNorway has accused Russia of failure of GPS during a NATO exercise© Photo : Belgian team of combat camera / Corporal-chef Ritchie Sedeyn

The actions of the Russian military in the Arctic have become a cause of malfunction of satellite navigation systems GPS, which occurred during NATO exercise Trident Juncture. It is reported by TODAYonline, citing the Ministry of defence of Norway.

«The Ministry of defence of Norway said that the Russian military in the Arctic had violated the GPS system during a recent large NATO exercise in Norway», — reports the Agency.

According to the Norwegian authorities, failures were recorded from 16 October to 7 November, allegedly because of the actions of Russian troops in the Transpolar area of Kola Peninsula. It is noted that failures in the GPS is not caused accidents.

In a statement, the Norwegian defense Ministry said that it sought clarification on this issue to the Russian authorities.

«Message to all parties»

The Prime Minister of Finland, Juha Sipilä on Monday said that Russia can be related to the disruption of the functioning of the GPS system during NATO exercises.

«It is possible that such violations is Russia,» said Sipilä, adding that the investigation of these disorders is not yet complete.

According to him, such actions could be a «message to all parties involved in military exercises».

Previously broadcaster Yle reported that the Helsinki Moscow suspected that she allegedly interfered in the work of satellite navigation systems during a NATO exercise Trident Juncture.

Russia’s Reaction

In the Kremlin know nothing about Russia’s ties with the malfunction of the GPS system during a NATO exercise, Russia is often wrongly accuse «all mortal sins», said press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

«We know nothing about what Russia may have some relevance to failures in the GPS system. Here you need to ask experts or the Ministry of defence. But you know that now there is a tendency to blame Russia in all mortal sins and other. As a rule, these accusations are not baseless,» — said Peskov.

«Uniform Trident»

Trident Juncture («Uniform Trident») is a large-scale military exercises of NATO countries, held in Norway from October 25 to November 7, 2018, a scenario which assumed joint reflection allies to block foreign military aggression under article 5 of the NATO Charter on collective defense. The exercises were the largest since the end of the cold war. In the maneuvers were involved in 65 ships, 250 aircraft, 10 thousand units of equipment and about 50 thousand troops from 31 countries. The exercise was conducted mainly in the Central and Eastern parts of Norway, and in Maritime waters and the airspace of Norway, Sweden and Finland. The stated purpose TRJE18 was to develop rapid reaction Forces of NATO and the audit of the defense capability of the Alliance.

Doctrine has not been without incidents, the largest of which occurred on Thursday, when a frigate of the Norwegian Navy «Helge Ingstad» collided with the tanker «Sola TS». The incident occurred in Agarden — located on the Islands of the municipality in the Central part of Norway.

Rescuers evacuated 127 crew members, including seven affected. On Tuesday it became known that the «Helge Ingstad», despite efforts to save it, almost went under water.