Taken to school near Volgograd the ax the boy was not going to hurt anyone

CC0 / kaboompics / Axe. Archival photoTaken to school near Volgograd the ax the boy was not going to hurt anyoneCC0 / kaboompics /

An eighth grader who snuck in a rural school in the Volgograd region a canister of gasoline, knives and axe, was not going to hurt anyone, told RIA Novosti head of the Department of education of administration of the Danilovsky district of Irina Demchenko.

The regional authorities earlier reported that the eighth-grade student, carried in a rural school in the Danilovsky district of the flammable liquid and melee weapons, dangerous items were confiscated by the teacher, after which the teenager had ingested an unknown substance and poisoning were hospitalized. According to SUCK Russia in the region, threats to the life and health of the child no. Check is conducted. According to police, the student on the account of divisions on Affairs of minors is not.

«Harm, he didn’t want to hurt the children (classmates of a teenager – ed.) all in one voice said it. We cause (act – ed.) now we find out, an interdepartmental Commission working on», — told RIA Novosti Demchenko.

As reported by RIA Novosti source in law enforcement bodies, the teen could be with someone the conflict in school.

«Just wanted to scare classmates, so come to class with an ax, knives and gasoline. He is just laid out on the Desk, the teacher – man – went for colleagues, and together they have sent the child to the school Director. In adults there the teenager ate something — presumably rat poison. His classmates also saw that he was swallowing in the classroom,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, the eighth-grader brought only by the mother, the family is prosperous.