The European Parliament called on EU members to tighten control over arms exports

© AP Photo / Jean-Francois BadiasГолосование in the European Parliament. Archival photo.The European Parliament called on EU members to tighten control over arms exports© AP Photo / Jean-Francois Badias

The European Parliament adopted a resolution demanding tougher checks on gun exports from the EU, including in connection with the data was in the hands of terrorists in Syria weapons from Europe.

On Wednesday MEPs voted on the draft resolution, which contains language to the effect that «the European Parliament is shocked by the amount produced in the EU of weapons and ammunition found in the hands of ISIS* in Syria and Iraq.»

Resolution on the control of arms exports was approved by 427 votes for and 150 against and 97 abstentions.

The EP recalled that member States must ensure that export licenses are not diverted to undesirable end-users, but some EU members such as Bulgaria and Romania, are unable to effectively implement these requirements.

In addition, the document contains a proposal to oblige in the future member States of the EU «to refuse to issue an export licence if there is a clear risk that is subject to export military technology or equipment may be re-exported».

In order to avoid the risk that weapons will fall into the wrong hands, MEPs urge all member States «to refuse such transfer in the future, in particular the United States and Saudi Arabia».

In the spring of the representative of the Russian Centre for reconciliation of the warring parties, told journalists that the representatives of the centre, together with the government forces of Syria find stores of weapons produced in NATO member States.

* Banned terrorist group.