The mayor of the Ukrainian city of Smela were not allowed into the Cabinet meeting

© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace in photomontage with the requirement to turn on the heating in cities of Ukraine at the Cabinet of Ministers in Kiev. 14 Nov 2018The mayor of the Ukrainian city of Smela were not allowed into the Cabinet meeting© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace the image Bank

The mayor of the city of Smela of Cherkasy region Alexey TIBCO said that he was not allowed on Wednesday at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, although it was invited to consider the question of heating in the city.

TIBCO reported earlier that the authorities of the Brave were forced to close the hospital and move patients to other hospitals due to lack of heating.

«I was invited to the Cabinet meeting today (Wednesday – ed), but when I saw that came to the community Brave, when he heard my speech, already radical, I cancelled the pass and was not allowed into the Cabinet meeting. So, my dear government is hiding from one simple local chapters,» said TIBCO in the Ukrainian TV channel «Direct».

The building of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine passes meeting of the inhabitants of the Brave. They require the government to turn the heating on in the city. In addition, the protesters insist on a meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

According to TIBCO, the Deputy Minister of regional development of Ukraine Eduard Kruglyakov told him that he would come on Thursday to the Brave along with the Deputy head of Board NAK «Naftogaz Ukraine» Sergey Pereloma to resolve problems with the supply of heat.

In bold were not able to turn on the heating because of debts. Private company-the supplier of gas has accumulated a debt before «Naftogaz» (about 100 million or $ 3.5 million), was subsequently liquidated. Local authorities have stated that they intend to negotiate with the «Naftogaz» on cheaper gas supplies (instead of a trader) and to take out a loan to pay off debt. Due to the lack of heat 11 schools have switched to distance learning, 12 kindergartens, facilities for the consolidated group are heated by electricity. On the city Council website reported that in bold there are more than 68 thousand people.