The Ministry of Finance of Khakassia Republic has allocated 1.2 billion roubles for current expenses

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After negotiations with the authorities of the Republic of Khakassia, the Ministry of Finance has allocated to the region of 1.2 billion rubles to cover current expenses, according to acting head of the Republic Mikhail Razvozhaev in a video released by the press service of the government.

«Budget default in the Republic of Khakassia will not. Feel responsible for Treasury credit, which had to draw on basic tasks to unlock accounts. Monday I started work with the Ministry of Finance. Late last night the talks ended, and today the Protocol signed by the Ministry of Finance of Russia will render free assistance to the Republic in the amount of 1.2 billion rubles,» — said Razvozhaev.

He also added that in November the income of the Republic is estimated at 2.1 billion rubles, and the cost of 1.2 billion. Treasury credit amounted to two billion. Thus, the budget deficit reaches 1.2 billion rubles. This deficit will be repaid by the support of the Ministry of Finance.

«November Republic can exist peacefully is to pay salaries, all social benefits, to keep the situation with the blocking of the accounts. In December no credit obligations will not. In December of own revenues at the level of two billion rubles. The fiscal year of Khakassia finished without disruption,» concluded Razvozhaev.

In addition, he noted the major structural changes in budgetary policy to be carried out. According to him, need to get rid of unnecessary expenditure on the government apparatus.