The PMC called for a review of the cost of food

© Photo : Nikolay Siderastrea in a penal colony. Archive photoThe PMC called for a review of the cost of food© Photo : Nikolay Sidorov

Monetary allowance in 72 rubles per day to the diet of convicts in the colonies is too low, and often then they have to treat on a more substantial sum, told RIA Novosti Secretary of the Public oversight Commission (POC) of Moscow, Ivan Melnikov.

Earlier, the Deputy head of the FSIN Valery Maksimenko on radio «Echo of Moscow» reported that Russian prisoners in the colonies are fed for 72 rubles a day, it of 2.16 thousand rubles for a month of 30 days.

«This amount is not enough to ensure a convicted healthy and nutritious food. Especially considering the fact that many prisoners are sick or malnourished even in the wild. With this power they then get to the hospital bed, and the state has to spend, they have more money,» — said the defender.

He noted that the total daily allowance of the convicted person higher than 72 rubles. But the money spent at other aspects of being in prison.

«Therefore, the rate for meals a little. Hopefully in the future the government and the FSIN, it still will reconsider. We must not forget that prisoners are people too and should eat properly. They have in the diet should be all that is required of man,» — said Melnikov.