Ex-wife demands from cuts to her hands jealous compensation

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Representatives of Margarita Gracheva, whose former husband Dmitry cut off her hand with an ax, require men compensation for moral damage in the amount of 8.2 million rubles, RIA news from the hall of the court of Serpukhov of the Moscow region.

Today in the Serpukhov court read out the sentence of Dmitry Grachev, who is accused of threatening to kill, intentionally causing injury and two counts of kidnapping. The man admits his guilt partially and only in harm to the health of his wife. The Prosecutor asked for a penalty of 17 years imprisonment.

During the announcement of the reasoning part of the verdict Grachev judge Irina Pantele noted that the victim has fully supported a private civil suit is declared, in which she sought to recover from defendant 8 million 200 thousand roubles of indemnification of moral harm. From the text of the decision that Grachev had several operations, passed a rehabilitation course, constantly in pain. Her disability of the first group.

From the testimony of the Gracheva, also read by the judge, should he agree to compensate the harm caused, but the amount of the claim considers to be excessive.

The tragedy occurred about a year ago. First, November 11, 2017, Dmitry Grachev, «experiencing hostility because of jealousy» for his wife Margarita Gracheva, by force took her to the woods, where they threatened to kill him, but eventually released, the investigation revealed.

The frightened girl went to the police, but the district refused to initiate a criminal case, citing «lack of evidence». A few days after that Grachev again took his wife to the forest, took away her mobile phone and cut off her hands with an ax, inflicting at least ten blows, set the charges.

According to senior assistant head of the Moscow Central Board of the investigative Committee Olga Vradiy, Grachev had prepared crime: in early December I bought at the hardware store plastic straps and the axe, the pharmacy bundles of different sizes and a bandage with iodine. In March, the SC said that the district has not found crime structure in actions Grachev, opened a criminal case about negligence.