Expert: process of approval of the agreement on Brexit explosive for may

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vitvitskiy in photobacteria Minister Theresa may. Archival photo.Expert: process of approval of the agreement on Brexit explosive for may© RIA Novosti / Alexey vitvitskiy to the photobank

The situation around the process for approval of an agreement for Brexit between Britain and the European Union, creates an explosive situation for the government of Prime Minister Theresa may, said head of Department of European integration MGIMO (U) MFA of Russia, RIAC expert Nikolai Kaveshnikov.

The British government Wednesday evening adopted a draft agreement with the European Union on the terms Brexit, as reported by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa may. The European Commission also on Wednesday evening unveiled a draft agreement for an orderly withdrawal of Britain from the EU, which covers all the key aspects of this process: transition period financial settlement, the rights of citizens, and also includes protocols for Ireland, Gibraltar and Cyprus. The UK will leave the EU on 29 March 2019.

«Initially, it was clear that the draft agreement between London and the European Union will be an occasion to very complex and difficult debate in the house of Commons first and foremost. The conservative party is split, it has a very strong position Brexit more stringent than those conditions which failed to agree the government may» — said in an interview with RIA Novosti expert.

He noted that the labour party in the Parliament, in turn, are supporters of maximum preservation of ties with the EU, therefore they will also attack the agreement, but on the other hand.

«All this makes the process for approval of an agreement between London and Brussels is very complex and volatile for the conservative party and the government, Theresa may,» said Kaveshnikov, commenting on the resignation of two Ministers, including Minister for Brexit Dominic Raab, who reported that resigns because of disagreement on the question of agreement.

Commenting on the financial-economic situation of the city of London in light of the potential limitations of British banks after Brexit access to the financial markets in the EU, the expert pointed out that to say that the result of a Brexit London will cease to be a global financial center would be incorrect exaggeration.