FSIN told what to feed sentenced to 72 rubles per day

© RIA Novosti / Anton to Deniability in photobacteria in the colony. Archival photoFSIN told what to feed sentenced to 72 rubles per day© RIA Novosti / Anton to Danilovmarat the image Bank

Deputy Director FSIN Valery Maksimenko has told RIA Novosti, what is the cost of daily food for men and what to feed for the money; according to him, the price of these products is incorrect to compare with retail.

On the eve on air of radio station «Echo of Moscow» Maksimenko said that the FSIN spends an average of 72 rubles a day to feed prisoners.

«For prisoners not in «ABC of taste» have to buy, and to buy from its manufacturers, the Federal penitentiary service, we manufacture products almost all», — told RIA Novosti Maksimenko. He recalled that in the FSIN are agricultural enterprises and livestock farms and asked not to compare this figure with retail prices in the grocery stores.

He also stressed that the menu contains all the necessary convicts: «the rations are all calibrated and meet all the requirements, it is a balanced diet developed by the experts,» he said.

In confirmation of his words in the FPS have provided a table of the daily nutrition of convicts in penitentiaries.

For example, the calorie Breakfast that includes milk porridge, margarine, bread and sweet tea – 819 calories, same with scrambled eggs instead of cereal — 722 calories. The cost of the Breakfast 16 rubles 41 kopecks, the cost of lunch with vegetable soup and a second dish of meat and potatoes – 32 rubles 82 kopecks, and dinner, which includes fish with garnish and sauce, costs 22 rubles 39 kopecks, is shown in the table. This diet is set for the convicted men. For other categories contained in the prison, for example, women and juveniles, adopted a different diet.

© Photo : courtesy of Finpecia sentenced to 72 rublesFSIN told what to feed sentenced to 72 rubles per day© Photo : courtesy of Finpecia sentenced to 72 rubles