Migrants have scaled the border fence between Mexico and the United States

© AP Photo / Julie WatsonВозле border fence Mexico USA. Archival photoMigrants have scaled the border fence between Mexico and the United States© AP Photo / Julie Watson

Dozens of migrants from Central American countries, which have reached the border of Mexico and the United States, on Wednesday, climbed the border fence in Tijuana, according to the channel Azteca Noticias.

According to the Mexican television a little while they were sitting on the fence, and one of the migrants even jumped into the U.S., but then came back. The actions of the migrants was observed by the officers of the American border protection.

The President of the United States Donald trump earlier said that the border with Mexico will be placed up to 15 thousand troops to prevent the entry of illegal migrants, noting that the American authorities are ready to consider applications for admission on legal grounds.

Now Mexico are just few of the caravans of migrants, mainly from Honduras. The purpose of their journey is to the USA border and attempt to enter the territory of a neighboring country Mexico.

The first group of the caravan of migrants composed more than 350 people arrived in the border city of Tijuana on Tuesday. They arrived in nine buses, accompanied by patrol cars of the Federal police of Mexico. In Tijuana, they were met by the staff of the National migration Institute, who helped to place migrants in one of the shelters of the city, where they were given food.