Mitigation 282 article will help fight extremism, says expert

© Fotolia / PaoleseЧеловек at the computer. Archival photoMitigation 282 article will help fight extremism, says expert© Fotolia / Paolese

Softening articles of the criminal code on extremism will relieve law enforcement officers to combat actual crimes in this sphere, said the Chairman of the expert Council on safety and the relationship between citizens and law enforcement agencies Anton Tsvetkov.

The head of state Vladimir Putin in October in the state Duma introduced a package of projects, partly laws on decriminalization of 282-th article of the Criminal code on extremism. Changes aimed at humanization of criminal legislation, it is proposed to amend the criminal code and the Code of administrative offences. The state Duma at plenary session on Thursday adopted in the first reading the draft laws of the President.

According to Tsvetkov, the partial decriminalization of article 282 of the criminal code will allow you to differentiate between real hate and not dangerous things, especially in social networks.

«Thus, law enforcement can focus on the fight with extremism, and not to engage in harassment of those who foolishly published anything in the Internet», — said the Agency interlocutor.

Mitigation 282 article will help fight extremism, says expert© Fotolia / kreizihorseЛайкнул — in jail. What is behind the criminal cases under article 282Кроме, Flowers noted the need to strengthen state and public control over law enforcement practice under this article.

«Article 282 was perceived by society as a form of political censorship, and law enforcement practices have long distorted its original purpose. For the same offence was given completely different sentences,» said Flowers.

According to him, «we need to eliminate situations in which people will continue to draw for «thoughtcrime», and not for the actual illegal actions. This question should be under the close control of both the state and society,» said Flowers.