Experts have assessed the potential of the Leningrad region for projects of the digital economy

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Leningrad oblast, which will become a pilot region for the implementation of several innovation projects for the digital economy, has great potential for effective work in this direction, experts say.

Only forward!

That area will become a pilot region for the implementation of projects of digital economy, said the Governor of the region Alexander Drozdenko during the plenary session of the conference «peculiarities of the regional digitization».

«No region will be able to implement the principles of the digital economy on a separate territory. That is why at the Federal level developed a national project dedicated to the transition to new technologies. As head of the working group of the state Council on this issue, today I finished the creation of the architecture of this project. In case of approval at the next meeting of the State Council, many initiatives will be tested in the Leningrad region», — said Drozdenko.

According to him, first of all, we will continue the digitization of public services, will be created a system of digital medicine, which will bring high-quality and high-tech medical care to each patient, even in the most remote areas, a «smart city». In addition, it is planned to continue work on the development of the Foundation spatial data and electronic monitoring of territories. In the second stage of introduction of IT-technologies is the creation of «super-services», which, based on big data, will significantly simplify managerial processes and the lives of the population.

«The development of artificial intelligence systems, large-scale training of young professionals the basics of digitalization, creation of favorable conditions for the emergence and development of innovative start-UPS will allow Leningrad oblast by 2024 to create a powerful new locomotive of the economy», — said the Governor.

Experts are waiting for the results

Leningrad oblast has all the necessary for successful implementation of the project qualities, said Deputy head of the operator of the electronic government of the region, Rahim Akhadov.

«The potential of the Leningrad region, of course, huge. No wonder our Governor has joined the Advisory Council of the digitization of the country. Therefore, terms like quick wins that long-term investment in the development of the economy, we selected not just. We have the potential, you have an infrastructure that can provide everything you need within the programme of pilot projects», — the expert believes.

According to him, the projects will help to develop their business ideas in the field of high-tech solutions and successfully implement them. «For example, health it can solve the problem of remote access in areas where there are no paramedics. If we talk about personnel and education, the innovations will help in the training of new personnel for business», — said the expert.

«The potential of the Leningrad region estimate is high, because the region has everything needed to make this project come true: the region has all opportunities and resources to go on this subject. Moreover, as recent years, the authorities of the Leningrad region, despite a limited budget, did a lot to standardize services, not only constructor, and business. For example, MFTS in the region are among the best in Russia today», — said the expert in the field of IT-technologies Andrey Silkin.

In his opinion, business will be active as soon as you begin the implementation announced by the Governor of the thesis. Achieve the first significant results, the expert expects for 3 years.