In the world wildlife Fund predicted growth of the tigers

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Agnculture. Archival photoIn the world wildlife Fund predicted growth of the tigers© RIA Novosti / Vitaly ANEC

The authors of a new study of the Global programme of WWF for tiger conservation identified that in Asia the number of wild tigers in key sites for population restoration might increase 3 times every generation of mankind in the presence of optimal conditions, according to the Amur branch of WWF.

«This is a 15% increase in the number of the global population of the tiger. Some of these sites located in different land types 10 Asian countries, can achieve the highest possible population in the next 20 years. This requires the implementation of effective anti-poaching measures, maintenance of the forage base for predators at a stable level, should be considered and other conditions», — is spoken in the message.

In the study involved 49 experts from 10 countries, where tigers live, including Russia. Work was carried out on 18 sites that were selected in the framework of the Global programme of WWF for tiger conservation.

«In Russia one key area was selected southwest Primorye and adjacent areas of China. Here the number of so-called group of tigers in the Changbaishan joint efforts have already managed to triple up to 12-14 38-42 individuals,» says one of the study’s authors, honorary Advisor of the Amur branch of WWF Russia Yury Darman.

The report said that the increase in the ungulate population and maintaining it at a consistently high level is a prerequisite. Also among the measures listed to minimize conflict between predators and people.