Klintsevich did not rule out the closure of the sea of Azov to Ukrainian courts

© AFP 2018 / Aleksey FilippovПорт of Mariupol. Archival photoKlintsevich did not rule out the closure of the sea of Azov to Ukrainian courts© AFP 2018 / Aleksey Filippov

Russia could turn off the Azov sea for the passage of the Ukrainian vessels in response to the detention of Ukraine’s 15 ships that previously docked at the port of Crimea. This was stated by member of the Federation Council Committee on defense Franz Klintsevich.

«We literally push a sharp retaliatory action,» he said, adding that there is a possibility for a few minutes to cover the sea of Azov to Ukrainian swimming any means.

«And I do not exclude that such actions may follow,» said he.

Such actions of the Ukrainian authorities, in his words, really tear up the agreement of the Azov sea. And only Ukraine will suffer, said the Senator.

The actions of Kiev Klintsevich described as «a blatant outrage». He pointed out that it does not matter whether we are talking about the detention of Russian ships or vessels of foreign States. And those and others have entered the ports of the Crimea perfectly legal, he said.

Earlier, the Ukrainian state border service detained 15 vessels for «illegal entry into the ports of the occupied Crimea».

The situation in the Azov sea

In March Ukraine was detained in the Azov sea trawler «Nord» with ten Russians on Board. Against the captain of criminal prosecution, he could face up to five years of imprisonment under article «illegal visits to the Crimea with the purpose of causing harm to the public interest». In August the port of Kherson was detained the tanker «Mekhanik Pogodin».

Russia considered Ukraine’s actions «Maritime terrorism,» replied the strengthening of border inspections in his part of the Azov sea. The Ukrainian frontier guards, in turn, accused Moscow of the fact that they practice «strict policy of detention and inspection of ships». The Crimean border guard service said that performs verification activities on the basis of international Maritime law and claims from the shipowners in the office had not received. The Ukrainian foreign Ministry admitted that Russian border guards during the inspection did not violate the protocols.

Then Ukraine said it wants to increase its military presence in the sea of Azov and to create a naval base.