Need to establish a system of drug supply the Russians, Golikova said

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Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova believes that the next two to three years should be devoted to the creation of an infrastructure of provision of medicines of the Russians, in particular, the establishment of electronic interaction between medical institutions and pharmacies.

«This period of time, two to three years, we need to use the change of the legislation and building of new infrastructure, which is based, including, electronic prescriptions. It’s important to have structured interaction online between the medical establishment, which writes out a prescription and the pharmacy,» — said Golikova at meeting on provision of medicines, which is held on Friday in St. Petersburg, the President of the Russian Federation.

Vice Prime Minister noted that «if there is no interaction, we will not build any drug supply, and quality of service we receive.»

«I think that now, in the 19th year we need to focus our efforts just on building infrastructure and creating common approaches (to the supply of drugs — ed.) on the entire territory of the Russian Federation», — said Deputy Prime Minister.

The speaker agreed with the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova in the fact that there is a serious problem in the discrepancy between the lists of essential drugs (EDL), which operate in different regions. She noted that today in this list 734 of the drug. Unfortunately, a significant number of subjects of the Russian Federation, this amount is much less, and some more due to the fact that the subjects add drugs not included in the list of essential drugs. «Accordingly, prices are not regulated, and at the expense of regional budgets are paid for drugs in the commercial segment,» — said Golikova.

She said that «this situation should categorically stop». «We believe and are sure absolutely that all the subjects of the Russian Federation, outpatient must receive the same lists of essential medicines that are approved on Federal level, and prices are regulated. This is essential from the point of view of mortality,» — said Deputy Prime Minister.