Ryazan government will support enterprises that look for new ways of development

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase potamanthidae in the Ryazan region Nikolay Lyubimov. Archival photoRyazan government will support enterprises that look for new ways of development© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase the image Bank

The government of the Ryazan region will fully support effectively running businesses that are looking for new ways of development and create new jobs, said Friday the Governor Nikolai Lyubimov at the ceremony of awarding the winners of annual regional competition «the Best enterprises and organizations of Ryazan region».

The contest held in the region for 7 years, aimed at encouraging companies and organizations to improve production efficiency, to attract the attention of potential investors, to disseminate best practices of production management. Winners receive priority for participation in exhibitions, forums organized by the government of the Ryazan region and the Ryazan chamber of Commerce and industry.

The best companies at the end of 2017 were 88 organizations from 16 municipalities. Among the winners as large-scale production and enterprises of small and medium-sized businesses operating in the industrial sector, agriculture, education, health, trade, transport, services, national-art crafts. Lyubimov said that deserved awards went to those businesses and organizations that are the hope and backbone of the economy of the region.

«We have a lot of good, promising companies, management and labor which achieve high results, understand the significance of the tasks, show responsibility and understanding of the economic situation, priorities, market opportunities, see the future. Without this it is impossible to overcome difficulties and move forward,» – said Lyubimov.

According to the head of the region, it is important to be able to work effectively in conditions of growth of export potential and import substitution, introduction of innovation technologies, modern production management, to increase productivity.

«Those who works efficiently and is looking for new ways of development, creates high-tech jobs, we will continue to support, including the expansion of markets, training of young personnel, and attract additional investments for upgrading and obtaining state support measures, tax preferences, to optimize business processes. I am sure that together we will be able to continue to work systematically on improving the quality and production volume. And then Ryazan enterprises can become more competitive and products in demand,» – said Lyubimov.

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