The Boeing-737 could not fly from Norilsk from-for malfunctions

CC BY 2.0 / Greg Goebel / Boeing 737-300Самолет Boeing-737. Archival photoThe Boeing-737 could not fly from Norilsk from-for malfunctionsCC BY 2.0 / Greg Goebel / Boeing 737-300

Specialists are unable to repair the Boeing-737-800, who on Thursday could not fly from Norilsk to Rostov from-for technical failure, the result of Friday’s flight from Norilsk to Sochi has also been postponed, informed RIA Novosti the official representative of the West Siberian transport Prosecutor Oksana Gorbunov.

According to her, the reserve Board will deliver the required detail and pick up passengers.

Earlier the Prosecutor’s office reported that on Thursday Boeing-737-800 of airline «Nordstar» was supposed to fly at 12.00 (08.00 GMT) from Noril’sk to Ekaterinburg, and from there to Rostov. During pre-flight inspection, was discovered a technical problem, it was decided to replace the Board. Later that night, the passengers flew to the destination by the backup Board.

«The experts were not able during the night to fix the problem, as for repair, you must replace the item. The result is a morning flight to Sochi postponed. Passengers to Sochi, the airline sent a backup Board, it carries the necessary detail. At the airport waiting for my flight with 128 passengers, including 3 children. They provided the necessary,» — said Gorbunov.

In connection with the situation in the Norilsk transport Prosecutor’s office against the airline began checking on the execution of the legislation on protection of consumer rights.