The ex-mayor of Vladivostok, Verkeenko will again lead the company «Sumotori»

© RIA Novosti / Anton to Baluchiterium in fotobanka-the mayor of Vladivostok Vitaly Verkeenko. Archival photoThe ex-mayor of Vladivostok, Verkeenko will again lead the company «Sumotori»© RIA Novosti / Anton to Baluchiterium the image Bank

The former mayor of Vladivostok Vitaly Verkeenko, who left this post on October 12, returned to his former place of work and will again lead the company «Sumotori».

In early November, 2017 suspended and under investigation eks-the mayor Igor Pushkarev wrote a letter of resignation, December 21 the state Duma deputies unanimously elected mayor of the city of General Director of OOO «Tekhnokholding Sumotori», Verkeenko who left a post in the company. In October, the mayor resigned on their own. Verkeenko, noted that «there are forces to fight for the welfare of the city, but has no motivation.»

«This year, GK «Sumotori» said the 20-year anniversary… Presented a commemorative photo, didn’t disown me. In the new decade he would lead his team! Ahead — the development of existing projects and the creation of new,» wrote, Verkeenko on his page on the social network Facebook. On his page he changed his work place from «the head of the city administration of Vladivostok» on «the head of the SC «Sumotori».

GK «Sumotori» is the initiator of the Russian-Chinese project to create a joint plant of trucks of the Chinese FAW brand, has released the first batch of cars. Also in October, started construction of the first in the far East of the plant for recycling of cars in the top «Nadezhda» — a joint project «Sumotori», and Japanese corporations Arai Shoji Co. Ltd. and Royal AutoParts. In addition, «Sumotori», together with Japanese partners is scheduled from 2019 to produce electric cars — joint company «Prometheus» has received the status of a resident TOR «Nadezhda».

The Duma of Vladivostok on 16 October was to consider the appointment of the tender procedure for selecting the mayor, but are unable to do this, since the Communists left the hall. At the regular meeting of October 25, members of the Vladivostok again has not made a decision about the beginning of procedure of formation of the tender Commission decided on 29 November to prepare amendments to the draft on the election of the mayor. Previously, the Committee on regional policy and legality of the Parliament of Primorye supported the bill, acting Governor of the region Oleg Kozhemyako, which involves the return of direct elections of mayors and heads of districts of the region. While the law is not adopted.