The German foreign Ministry pointed to the need for a full investigation of the murder Casucci

© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli in fotomonster of foreign Affairs of Germany in Berlin. Archival photoThe German foreign Ministry pointed to the need for a full investigation of the murder Casucci© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli the image Bank

Development in the murder investigation of a Saudi journalist Jamal Casucci there, but many questions remain open, said at the briefing, the representative of the German foreign Ministry Christopher Burger.

«Our position on the matter Casucci from the beginning has been and remains very clear. The murder of Jamal Casucci must be fully and thoroughly investigated. We said that we strongly condemn this crime and expect the perpetrators be brought to justice. We are given to understand the Saudi side that the expected transparency. Yesterday we saw that the development is, this is the first step, but remain, as before, many questions unanswered», — said the representative of the foreign Ministry, adding that the questions include «to the reasons to the murder, as well as the responsibility of the suspects.»

According to him, the investigation conducted by both the Turkish and Saudi Arabian authorities, must «meet international standards». Burger added that Berlin would closely monitor the situation, stay in close touch with European partners in evaluating the present case. He added that in Germany «categorically reject the death penalty as form of punishment».

Jamal Casucci, who was a columnist for the American newspaper the Washington Post and 2017 were living in the United States, went missing in Turkey on 2 October after he entered the building of the Consulate General of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul. State media in Saudi Arabia on the night of October 20 issued a message of the Prosecutor General of the country, which, according to preliminary data, Casucci dead, his demise brought a quarrel with employees of the Consulate. The Istanbul Prosecutor’s office stated that the murder was premeditated Galucci, the body was dismembered and destroyed after he was strangled in the Consulate General.

According to a Thursday statement of the Prosecutor General of Saudi Arabia for the murder of Casucci detained 21 people. Five for direct participants of the murder, the Prosecutor demanded the death penalty, others will be punished according to the canons of Shariah. The Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu described that statement as inadequate, Recalling that Turkey expects from the Saudi side about the location of the body Casucci.