The revenues of the budget of the Vladimir region will grow by 4.5% in 2019

© Fotolia / Vladimir irinabal18Вечерний winter. Archival photoThe revenues of the budget of the Vladimir region will grow by 4.5% in 2019© Fotolia / irinabal18

The total revenues of the budget of the Vladimir region in 2019 is planned in the amount of 58.4 billion rubles — with growth of 4.5% by 2018, the press service of the Legislative Assembly on the results of public discussion of the draft budget of the region for the next three years.

«For 2020, the budget revenues are planned in the amount of 57.8 billion rubles in 2021 will be 59.5 billion roubles. A clear trend — increasing the share of own tax and non-tax revenues. So, in 2019, almost 45 billion rubles — own revenues. Steady growth in revenues allows for the area to gradually reduce the level of subsidies and in the long run to get out of the list of subsidized entities and become a self-sufficient region», — stated in the message.

As noted in the press service, in 2009 the region live with the budget deficit, but today there is a marked trend of reducing the size of the debt. «In 2019 the size of the deficit provides a 4.5% tax and non-tax revenues. 2020 — slightly more than 1%, and in 2021, for the first time in this decade, the region needs to reach a balanced budget», — stated in the message.

According to the project the expenditure part of the budget in 2019 will to 60.4 billion rubles in 2020 — 58,3 billion in 2021 will be 59.5 billion roubles. The major share in 2019 expenditure is spending on the social sector is 41 billion rubles. From them on education will go 25%, health 17%, social policy — 21,5%.

In the draft budget reserved funds for the region’s participation in the national projects «Demography», «Health», «Education», «Safe and high quality roads». So, in 2019 for these purposes laid down 400 million rubles, which will attract more than 3.5 billion rubles from the Federal Treasury.

Individual applications in the project budget allocated funds for the state support of the families and children under 14 regional programs. In 2019 for this purpose is planned almost 20 billion in 2020 19 billion in 2021 — more than 19 billion rubles.

To support initiatives of citizens, including improvement of territories of cities and rural settlements. in 2019 it is planned to allocate more than 700 million rubles in 2020 — more than 660 million rubles, in 2021 — more than 600 million rubles.

At the next meeting of the legislative Assembly the deputies will consider the draft of the regional budget in the first reading. After the adoption of the law in the second reading in December, the region will be included in the next budget cycle.