UOC has declared that is ready to build new temples, if they will select the current

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Believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) ready to build new temples, if they have power, and the dissenters will select current, said Friday the managing Director of the UOC Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil and Brovary.

The canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church has repeatedly reported on the harassment of priests and grabs the temples by the representatives of the non-canonical religious structures. In particular, in 2014-2016, the UOC lost 40 temples. In addition, in the database, the infamous Ukrainian site of the «Peacemaker» made the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Onuphrius, and the Governor of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra Metropolitan Vyshgorod and Chernobyl Paul.

The question of Church property in Ukraine escalated amid Church opposition. Thursday for the first time «Orthodox conflict» in the country announced the criminal case because of Church buildings, the police Ternopil region opened a case on suspicion of allegedly illegal transfer in 2003, the buildings of Pochayiv Lavra in the use of the UOC.

«We must always remember the Christian saying: «God is not in logs but in the ribs». Of course, we will protect their churches by all available legal measures. However, if this does not take effect, we will build a new one. As the experience of the last few years and have gone through our Church in the Western regions of Ukraine, this is the right way,» said Metropolitan Anthony in an interview with the Orthodox portal «Parishes», answering the question, what do the parishioners of the UOC in the case of mass raids of the temple buildings.

According to him, if not to defend the temple, «do not cling to the walls of temples, and the need to keep the community» after «parish is a Christian family, and therefore we must act as Christians.»

«It seems to me that if you think historically, for the Church now is the time of the parishes of the churches as churches. There comes a time for parishes as Christian communities. Our government and the dissenters think that if they take away the churches, along with them, they will depart and the community that is the congregation. No, this is a mistake. Will not depart. And recent events in Western Ukraine, where we took away the churches but not the people, the proof. These believers are deeply churched, it is impossible to deceive. They will always be in the true Church,» said Bishop.

He added that the Orthodox in Ukraine, pray that the Lord will not tolerate the desecration of the great shrines.

Manager of the UOC also reported that knows the mood of the inhabitants of Lavr three in Ukraine – Kiev-Pechersk, Pochayiv and Svyatogorsk, «they all remain faithful to the Church.» «In General, monasticism is very thin feels the Church. Monasticism is the barometer of Church life. Therefore, the laity, I would advise you to focus on them. Will act as monks, monasteries, and you will behave. Where they go, there go you. Where they will not go in there and you don’t go,» said Bishop.

The authorities in Kiev and non-canonical Church structure in Ukraine hope till the end of the year to receive the Tomos of autocephaly from Constantinople, but Tomos can get only the Primate of the «United» Church, it needs to select on the «unification Council» of the Orthodox churches in Ukraine, which could take place on November 22. This canonical UOC said that is not going to participate in this event.

Because of the decision of Constantinople to begin providing non-canonical autocephaly churches in Ukraine, which the Russian Orthodox Church is called the schism, the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church on 15 October announced the severance of communication with the Constantinople Patriarchate on the canonical territory of the ROC. The Synod called canonically void, and saw politics in the abolition of Constantinople by the act of 1686 on the transfer of the Kyiv Metropolitanate to the jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchate. Metropolitan Hilarion said that Constantinople lost its right to be called the coordinating centre of Orthodoxy. In the Russian Orthodox Church hope that Constantinople will change the decision to give the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church, and before that he will be in schism.