Yamal wife killed husband because of poor maintenance

© Fotolia / ivanfffЖенщина in handcuffs. Archival photoYamal wife killed husband because of poor maintenance© Fotolia / ivanfff

A resident of the city Labytnangi (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district) will stand trial on charges of murdering her husband due to the fact that she didn’t like the husband conducted the renovation, said Friday the Prosecutor of the region.

Domestic conflict in the couple occurred in September, when the couple drank alcohol, said the Supervisory Agency. The quarrel has arisen because of poor maintenance, which held a man.

«For this reason the defendant is using as a weapon household a knife, I struck them with a single blow to the chest area of the victim. Realizing what had happened, the defendant called the ambulance, who in turn notified the police», — told in Prosecutor’s office.

It is noted that when the law enforcement officers arrived, the woman had insulted one of them. However, during the interrogation, she did not deny the guilt of these crimes.

«After studying the criminal case… the Prosecutor approved the indictment and criminal case is directed to court for consideration in essence» — have informed in supervising Department, adding that the woman could face imprisonment for up to 15 years.