Railways has named the culprit on the move near Saratov

© Photo : news Agency «Sight-info»accident in the result of collision of passenger bus and freight train in Ozinsky district, Saratov region. November 17, 2018Railways has named the culprit on the move near Saratov© Photo : news Agency «Sight-info»

The bus driver has left on a railway crossing in Ozinsky district, Saratov region ahead of an approaching freight train, which led to an accident with five dead, reported the press service of the Privolzhskaya railway (branch of JSC RZD).

Informed in regional traffic police reported that on Saturday around 12:00 (11:00 GMT) on the unregulated railway crossing in Ozinsky district, Saratov region faced the bus, EN route Saratov — Ulyanovsk, and freight train. As a result of seven people, travelling in a bus, according to preliminary data, five died, two were injured.

«When properly operating automatic LC signalling system driver passenger Mercedes bus, which was carrying seven people, left on a railway crossing before an oncoming freight train. The locomotive engineer applied the emergency brake, but the distance was insufficient and the collision could not be avoided», — stated in the message.

It is clarified that the accident occurred on a 1170-kilometer stretch of the seven-headed Mar — Ozinki single track elektrifizierung plot Ershov — Ozinki on a regulated railway crossing, out of service duty worker.

«Cause of accident — a gross violation of the driver of the car traffic rules when crossing the railway crossing,» — said the press service.

The press service added that the victims with injuries of varying severity taken to the district hospital.