Roskomnadzor found no evidence of violations of the IFC of the law on personal data

© RIA Novosti / Igor Zarembo one of the multifunctional centers providing state and municipal services. Archival photoRoskomnadzor found no evidence of violations of the IFC of the law on personal data© RIA Novosti / Igor Zarembo

Roskomnadzor found no evidence of non-compliance multi-function centers (MFC) of the law on personal data, according to the Agency.

Earlier on Friday, the newspaper «Kommersant» reported that a few MFCS on the public computers in open access there are hundreds of different documents: copies of passport, SNILS, questionnaires, indicating mobile telephone numbers, details of Bank accounts. These computers of visitors to the IFC is used, for example, to download copies of the documents on the portal of public services. The owners of the documents, using a public computer, forget to delete the files that are employees of MFC also don’t do it. Scanned copies of anyone can download to external media (USB flash drive), or send yourself in the mail, the newspaper said.

«As of today, evidence of non-compliance with IFC requirements of the law on personal data, no facts grant access to any person to the passport data of users of services provided by these centres is not established. Software computers share the MFC for rendering state and municipal services does not imply the creation of backups and folders stored documents», — is spoken in the message of Roskomnadzor.

Previously, the Agency RIA Novosti reported that he had sent to the MFC request in connection with a possible leak of personal data.