The HRC has offered Amnesty to individuals smooth the damage from crimes

© RIA Novosti / Tabyldy to Kadyrbekovna in fotomontagen in a penal colony. Archival photoThe HRC has offered Amnesty to individuals smooth the damage from crimes© RIA Novosti / Tabyldy to Kadyrbekovna the image Bank

The presidential Council on human rights (HRC) propose to initiate in Russia Amnesty in respect of persons who smooth the damage from their crimes, said the head of the HRC Mikhail Fedotov.

He recalled that five years ago there was an Amnesty on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Constitution, noting that the 25th anniversary of the basic law, which is being celebrated this year, is as worthy a reason for Amnesty.

«The more that our Council member Andrey Babushkin offers not only Amnesty, but Amnesty with a very interesting design — in relation to individuals, smooth the harm caused by their crime,» Fedotov told reporters on the sidelines of the International cultural forum.

«There is a formula in our legislation, and he wants this formula to give certainty. The idea of beautiful», he added.

The head of the HRC said that the speech in this case is not just about economic crimes.

«Not necessarily. Can be inflicted moral harm, can be harmful to health. Made the damage fall under the Amnesty… there has to be a fact, considering that this court has recognized,» explained the defender.

However, the head of the Council found it difficult to say how many could be the Amnesty.

«It’s hard to say what it will be. But I understand perfectly that the issue of Amnesty is always in our society is a different point of view, Amnesty has its supporters and its opponents… In Russian society, Amnesty attitude, shall we say, restrained. And, of course, that the President and the State Duma are guided by sentiments that exist in society, should take this into account», — said Fedotov.

He added that grandma would like to make their proposals for Amnesty at the forthcoming meeting of the Council with the head of state. Asked to clarify whether this will take place a traditional meeting in December, Fedotov noted: «most Likely».The HRC has offered Amnesty to individuals smooth the damage from crimes© RIA Novosti / Maxim Bonavolta and thieves. As the young killers live in jail

«Because this is the tradition: meeting of the President with the Council occurs at the end of the year; sometimes in September, sometimes into December,» — said the head of the HRC, noting that the specific date has not been determined.

He also confirmed that he has already sent his proposals for changes in the composition of the HRC.

«Of course, (sent) a long time ago; discussed, worked in administration,» he said in response to the question whether the purpose of the proposal for rotation in the Council and if he had received the answer.

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